Aim for high performance with Workfuze

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Workfuze has shut down

Run a modern performance management process

Workfuze helps you adopt the best practices used at top companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Netflix to get the best out of your workforce.

Plan Your Strategy

Translate strategy into actionable SMART goals and distribute efforts across teams.

Empower Employees

First line managers and employees participate in goal-setting ensuring alignment and buy-in.

Focus on the Right KPI

Surface important metrics and share them with the right audience.

Coach Weekly

Create habits and hold employees accountable to what they committed to.

Recognize Work

Employees receive feedback and recognition to help build a supportive work environment.

Assess with Confidence

You have all the information you need to assess quickly and without any surprise.

Set meaningful goals with OKRs

Track your goals and understand the entire organization's status at a glance. Discover how each employee contributes to the organization's objectives.

Workfuze uses Objectives & Key Results goal-setting to help you go from zero to goals in a minimum amount of time.

Strategy with Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and SMART goals
Tools to manage your goals on your mobile phone

Keep your team on track

Workfuze regularly prompts your team for updates on their goals and automatically tracks achievements from third party systems.

You get up-to-date progress and don't have to hunt for spreadsheets, emails, or status reports.

Assess intelligently

Relieve managers of the year-end crunch time. Workfuze leverages what it has collected throughout the year to make performance reviews faster. Access essential performance information without spending hours searching your inbox.

Employee appraisal form and performance review
Employee engagement and feedback

Engage employees

Motivate your team with continuous feedback. Employees know what's expected of them and can recognize each other's contribution and understand the big picture.