So long, farewell,

Eight years ago, we set out to help every company understand and effect trends within their workforce. HR systems were clunky, unintuitive, and purely transactional. So we built Workfuze with a focus on a smooth user experience and out-of-the-box analytics.

We quickly added goal settings - OKRs were all the rage! - as a way to capture meaningful data. Eventually, we failed to convince enough of you of our original mission and did not want to be yet another goal tracking system. So we moved our focus to other things but kept Workfuze going for our users.

We recognize this could not last forever so we decided to shut down Workfuze. Most of our users were using Workfuze to track goals and there are now a lot of alternatives out there. I would like to thank everyone we interacted with over the years, who took the time to share their wisdom with us. And of course, our users who made running Workfuze rewarding.

There's still room for a better solution out there, so perhaps we'll be back!