The easiest way to manage performance in your organization

Just like athletes with personal trackers achieve more, employees with managed goals show an increased productivity.

Our Product

By combining OKRs, continuous feedback, and performance reviews, Workfuze is able to help you manage performance cohesively throughout your organization.

All you need to manage OKRs

Get a digest with all important changes and trends for goals
OKR Ready
Workfuze supports the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology used at top companies like Google, Intel, and LinkedIn.
Goals in Workfuze are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) by design. Our goal assistant helps convey best practices.
Cascading Goals
Cascade goals from company to team and individual so everyone sees how they contribute to the big picture.
Track Outcomes Automatically
Important numbers can be automatically pulled from Salesforce so you always have the latest information available.
Goal Assistant
Provide guidance to your employees with preferred practices that are specific to your company.
Access Control
Public visibility is a good default but not the right choice for everyone under all circumstances. Workfuze lets you control the access level of each goal.
Managers and employees can receive a summary of all important action items and current progress right in their inbox.
Save Time
Skip status meetings and emails: employees see where the company is heading and have access to their team status at any time.

Continuous feedback

For everyone
Everyone benefits from peer feedback throughout the year and can learn what works and what can be improved.
Core values
Just like goals align work and priorities, you can make sure employees live by your organization's core values.
Employee Recognition
Empower everyone to recognize others' accomplishments publicly and help build a supportive environment with cohesive teams.
Track Skills
Employees share and endorse each others' skills.

Performance Reviews

Include as many questions or forms as you need. Ask different questions to different groups of employees.
Access Control
All forms are secured. You can require an electronic signature from employees.
Managers don't hunt for information and can easily see at what stage each of their reports' review is.
Track progress and reminders
See who's late, send reminders and instructions directly to the right people.
Draft & Files
Employees and managers can take notes, attach files, and save draft reviews and only make them available when ready.
All you need to fill your review is at your fingertips: goals, feedback, recognition, notes, and more.

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Whether you're a G Suite (Google Apps) or Office 365 business user or even need to hook your personal Gmail or email address, Workfuze lets you authenticate with your favorite provider.

It means faster user provisioning and less time administering accounts.

How Workfuze can help you with OKRs

Is your company sales or engineering driven? Do you strive for transparency? What is your current performance process?
At Workfuze, besides providing you with a great tool to successfully manage OKRs, we will help you define and support the process that is right for your company culture.